Standing Up To Stigma

People living with HIV can date, have sex, get married, and have families like any other person. A positive HIV diagnosis does not put a hold on your partner, friend, or family member’s life. You can be their support system and stand up to the stigma.


In order to maintain a safe and healthy relationship with a person living with HIV, it is important to understand the basics of HIV and how to prevent exposure. Have open and honest conversations with your partner to get educated on what living with the condition means, and assure them that you want to be involved in their HIV care and management.

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Listen to your loved one and offer support and reassurance. HIV is a manageable condition when properly treated and cared for.

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Learn all that you can about HIV management, treatment, and care. As their partner, educate yourself about what HIV is, how it is transmitted, how it is treated, and how to stay healthy.

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Last but not least, it is not only important that you support your loved ones health and medical routines, but also take care of yourself and get support if needed.

Family & Friends

If you know a friend, family member, or co-worker that has tested positive for HIV, there are many things that you can do to help and support them. Don’t be afraid to ask how they are feelingGetting support from friends and family members can make a big difference for a person living with a highly stigmatized condition like HIV.


It takes a lot of trust for someone to disclose their HIV status to you. Be sure to acknowledge and thank them for trusting you.

Ask Questions

Most times, people living with HIV are looking for an ally and advocate. Ask if there’s anything you can do to help them.


Reassure your friend or family member that their HIV status does not weaken or damage their relationship with you.


Learn all that you can about HIV management, treatment, and care. Do not make assumptions or add to the stigma.

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Get Involved

Join the End Stigma End HIV Alliance

Educate others about HIV and HIV stigma

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Reach Out to Local HIV Organizations

HIV service organziations can always use a lending hand with onsite or mobile testing events, fundraising activities, professional services, and administrative support. Reach out to see how you can get involved.

Get Involved in HIV Awareness Days

There are several HIV awareness related holidays throughout the year. Use these days as opportunities to raise awareness and encourage people to get tested or seek care.

Learn & Stay Up to Date

Checkout the latest webinars, conferences, social media channels, and events to learn about the latest tools and resources in HIV prevention, care, and treatment.